How to use dululuttu

  • First, let's specify the search options. option_guide
  • Next, let's display the category sales rankings. If you click "View ranking" enclosed by a red circle in the image below, the child categories will be displayed in descending order of the number of sold. The numbers in ( ) next to the category name indicate the number of items sold. categoryranking_guide
  • When the category ranking is displayed, click on the category you are interested in. You will then see search results based on the currently selected search option. Next, let's find out what words are included in the displayed search result titles. Click on the "view" circled in red in the image below to display the words in the title, ranked. In the example below, you can see that there are many words such as "nintendo", "famicon" and "gameboy". A lot of things related to these are selling. If you find a word you are interested in, you can check the box on the left and click "Add words" to search for that word in more detail. wordfrequencyranking_guide
This is the end of the description. Find popular products at dululuttu !